PRESS RELEASE: Orbital Marine Power awards manufacturing contract for O2 tidal turbine to TEXO Group

Orbital Marine Power Ltd (Orbital), the world’s leading developer of floating tidal stream turbines, have awarded the main manufacturing contract for the company’s first commercial O2 tidal turbine to Scottish based TEXO Group who will carry out the work at their quayside facilities in Dundee.

The multi-million-pound contract marks the start of major construction for the company’s new tidal turbine, the O2, which builds on the hugely successful 2MW SR2000 turbine which generated over 3GWh in its first year of testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland.

The O2, capable of generating over 2MW from tidal stream resources, will become the world’s most powerful tidal turbine when it enters operation later next year (2020) as part of a long term project at EMEC and features several innovations focused on further reducing the cost of energy from the company’s disruptive technology.

Andrew Scott, Orbital’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is a flagship engineering project for the emerging tidal sector and we are delighted to be working with TEXO Group to showcase the very capable supply chain we are fortunate to have around us in Scotland and the wider UK.”

“The results that we achieved with the SR2000 over the past two years are a convincing validation of our low-cost approach to generating clean, predictable power from tidal stream energy. The Orbital team are really excited to be building on that success with the O2 which we are confident will further reduce costs and cement our position at the forefront of this exciting new renewable sector.”

Robert Dalziel, Managing Director, TEXO Group, said: ”We are proud and privileged to be awarded this prestigious contract. The O2 is a pioneering project that will transform the future of tidal energy on a global scale and will be a showcase for the very best in Scottish engineering.”

Robert added: “Our team has a wealth of experience in marine engineering with particular expertise in offshore oil and gas – this project enables us to showcase our vast capabilities for the offshore renewables sector.”

John Alexander, Leader, Dundee City Council, said: “This announcement is a huge boost for the city, both in terms of economic benefit and confidence in our facilities and workforce. Following significant investments by a number of companies already this year, this is another example of the hard work that has gone into bringing renewables jobs and investment to Dundee paying off.

We have a good track record in this hugely important sector and we are strategically well positioned to supply the coastal infrastructure, world leading supply chain and skills needed to deliver high quality, sustainable jobs to the city that pay the Living Wage and offer future opportunities for our young people, but not at a cost to the environment."

David Webster, Senior Port Manager, Port of Dundee added: “This project demonstrates the capacity of the Port of Dundee to handle major renewable energy projects and the flexibility to work with our partners here in the port to make initiatives such as the O2 become a reality. We are thrilled to be working alongside TEXO Group on this project and we look forward to seeing the O2 taking shape here at the Port of Dundee.”

The O2 project has been financed in a number of ways including EU Horizon 2020 funding and a £7m crowdfunding bond which Orbital successfully raised at the start of the year, one of the largest peer-to-peer debentures in UK history. The project also benefits from previously offered market support for the sector via the Renewable Obligation.

Speaking on this Andrew Scott added: “We are really pleased to have such strong endorsement from the wider UK public of our vision for tidal energy which bridges both an industrial opportunity and a low carbon opportunity. And we hope the UK Government will work constructively with us towards creating a wider future market opportunity to harness our fantastic tidal energy resources, in turn creating an entirely new domestic low carbon generating industry with sustainable export capabilities.”


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Representatives or Orbital Marine Power, Texo Group, Dundee City Council and Port of Dundee at Texo's Dundee Facility


Media contacts at Orbital Marine Power:

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Paul Taylor, Taylor Keogh Communications: 020 8392 8250 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Scottish media enquiries, David Budge: 0141 249 0396 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media contacts at Texo Group

Ryan Smith, Group Marketing Manager: +44(0)7748 402542 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notes to editor:

About Orbital Marine Power Ltd.

  • Orbital Marine Power Ltd is an innovative Scottish engineering company focused on the development of a tidal energy turbine technology capable of producing a step-change reduction in the cost of energy from tidal currents. The company’s novel floating technology offers a low-cost solution for simplified and safe manufacture, installation, access and maintenance along with the ability to use low cost, small workboats for all offshore operations. The company currently employs 30 staff with offices in Orkney and Edinburgh.
  • The Orbital technology has been under continuous engineering development, including rigorous testing of scaled systems in both tank conditions and open ocean environments, since the company was founded in Orkney in 2002. Orbital were the first company in the world to successfully grid connect a floating tidal turbine in 2011 with their 250kW scale system which was operated at EMEC.
  • In 2016 the company launched the SR2000, the world’s most powerful tidal stream turbine. The SR2000 produced in excess of 3GWh of electricity over its initial 12 month continuous test programme. At the time this represented more power from a single turbine than had been generated cumulatively by the wave and tidal sector in Scotland over the 12 years prior to the launch of the O2.
  • The Orbital O2 will comprise of a 73m long floating superstructure, supporting two 1 MW turbines at either side for a nameplate power output of 2MW, at a tidal current speed of 2.5 m/s. With rotor diameters of 20m, it will have a 600sq metre rotor area, the largest ever on a single tidal generating platform to date.
  • In October 2018 Orbital opened a £7m crowd funding debenture on the London-based Abundance Investment platform to support the build of the O2 turbine with the target being met inside 10 weeks.
  • The O2 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the FloTEC project (grant agreement No. 691916) and the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg North West Europe Programme under the ITEG project.
  • This project has also received support under the framework of the OCEANERA-NET COFUND project, with funding provided by national / regional sources and co-funding by the European Union's Horizon2020 research and innovation programme.
  • Orbital Marine Power Limited (formerly called Scotrenewables Tidal Power Limited) is a privately held company, main shareholders are the McGrath Group headed by Scottish entrepreneur Matt McGrath and Scottish Enterprise via the Energy Investment Fund.

About Texo Group Limited.

Texo is an award-winning technology-led engineering group. The Group’s development has been based on challenging the status quo and the traditional architecture of EPC companies, with their fragmented supply chains, redesigning the model to make it client-centric. It has done this by assembling a hand-picked team of industry specialists looking at new processes and technologies to help clients to operate, manage and extend the safe working life of their assets. Based on the above model, the company has formed eight operational business units:

  • Texo Engineering
  • Texo Fabrication
  • Texo Integrity+
  • Texo Marine
  • Texo CFS
  • Texo Accommodation
  • Texo Compliance
  • Texo Resources

Texo’s integrated iEPC (Inspection, Engineering, Procurement and Construction) offering, blends services from the above operational business units to deliver an all-encompassing turnkey design and build engineering solutions for mission critical sectors. Texo’s solution provides not just the range, but the depth of service and delivers asset lifecycle support – from front end design, through to engineering, fabrication, installation, accommodation, repair, maintenance, commissioning, and ultimately decommissioning.