Harland & Wolff win Tidal Turbine Contract - 07 June 2010

LOCAL company Scotrenewables (Marine Power) Ltd has signed a contract with Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast to construct a full-scale prototype of the Scotrenewables tidal turbine.

Work on the SR250 floating tidal energy device has already begun, with installation at the European Marine Energy Centre scheduled for March 2011.

Project leader Mark Hamilton said he was pleased with the progress so far and was looking forward to seeing the full-scale device in Orkney waters.

The SR250 will weigh around 80 tonnes and will measure around 30m in length with twin 8m diameter rotors, giving our system a very competitive power to weight ratio.
Having used local fabrication firms for the construction of their 1/5th scale prototype (pictured), which has been tested in Burra Sound between Hoy and Graemsay, Scotrenewables will now use Harland & Wolff shipyard to construct the SR250, due to its size. However, local services will be utilised as far as possible once the initial construction of the tidal turbine has been completed. It is hoped that this key phase in the project will pave the way for the development of a fully commercial tidal turbine.

Scotrenewables founder Barry Johnston said: "Over the years we have had a number challenges to overcome with this project and I'm delighted that things are progressing well. We are competing with hundreds of other companies from all over the world for funding to allow us to continue our research and development and advance our design and I'm very proud that a company from Orkney that started in my parent's garage with a simple idea has been able to get to this stage of development.

"It has been no easy journey as all of our staff will tell you and it is a great credit to them all as few people have the courage, dedication and ability to innovate in order to make a real difference. We still have a long and challenging road ahead of us but well done to everyone involved in the company this is a great milestone and I hope for Orkney, in terms of job creation and economic development, that marine renewables is a success in the future."

Robert Leslie 07/06/2010