Orkney Vessels Trials project illustrates cost savings associated with low cost vessel approach

The Orkney Vessels Trial’s project has indicated that tidal developers could save 70-80% on installation costs by the use of smaller local vessels, advocating the low cost vessel approach followed by Scotrenewables Tidal Power. The Scotrenewables floating tidal technology is designed around the use of a low-cost multi-cat workboat vessel for installation, maintenance and decommissioning.

The £1.1 m project carried out by EMEC and local consultancy Aquatera set out to identify how Orkney based vessels could carry out complex marine operations cost effectively.   EMEC said the project included a set of six performance trials covering workboat positioning and dynamic loading, gantry barge positioning and device deployment, clump weight friction, remote operated vehicle (ROV) operations, responses to man overboard situations in tidal currents and dynamics of buoy submergence.

The project took place in the winter months in Orkney waters and involved 20 local organisations and over 120 individuals working together on over 60 vessel operations.