Catching the Tide

The global tidal stream resource is capable of meeting the energy needs of millions of people with sustainable low carbon electricity that can directly help combat climate change with the following distinctive features:

  • Tides are predictable years into the future giving the end user advanced notice of when power will be produced and how much power will be produced.
  • Seawater in tidal streams, at around 800 times the density of air, is an incredibly dense form of renewable energy meaning that the size of turbines can be compact.
  • Tidal stream turbines are modular and scalable, allowing a flexible approach to project sizing.
  • With the benefits of predictability tidal turbines are well suited for integration into secondary energy storage or hydrogen production solutions.
  • The environmental effects of tidal stream energy can be benign. With low lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and minimal invasiveness, public support for tidal energy is strong.
  • Globally, the resource is reasonably well distributed and has the potential to supply low cost, clean energy in both developed and developing nations.