SR250 Generating at full power October 2013

 In 2010 following the success of the 1/5th scale-testing programme, the company designed and launched the SR250 250 kW, the world’s first large scale floating tidal turbine.  The design incorporated all the learning achieved during development to date.  

The 35m turbine was constructed at Harland & Wolff Shipyards, Belfast and launched in early 2011 at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney. 

The SR250 has a 2-year test programme, building up from initial handling trials, through to tow testing, to regular onsite generation. 

The first grid-connected power export of the SR250 was achieved in early April 2012. This was the first time that a large-scale floating tidal turbine had generated into the UK grid.

In April 2013, the SR250 became only the second device to undergo EMEC Performance Assessment during a continuous deployment period of six weeks, independently validating the turbines power curve in varying tidal and wave conditions.

In over 4000 hours of turbine operation, there were no major failures of any structural or electrical components, blades or mooring system, and no HSE incidents since testing commenced.  The ability to maintain the turbine onsite using low cost vessels was also regularly demonstrated.

The turbine showed excellent stability, demonstrated its ability to passively self-orientate in the tide, while reliability exported electricity into the local electricity grid.

At the end of 2013, the testing programme was brought to a close to focus on the build of the SR2000.   


SR250 being accessed by MV Orcadia