Turning the tide
on climate change.

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The Company

At Orbital we are on a mission to unlock a new source of clean, predictable power for millions of people, homes, and businesses around the world.

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Legs lift to the water surface for maintenance

How it works

Orbital's unique floating platform is moored via anchors in powerful tidal stream or river currents. Underwater rotors capture the dense flowing energy.

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Clean, Predictable Energy

Decarbonising energy is an imperative for the safety of generations to come and a responsibility that rests with us all.

At Orbital we have an innovative solution that can cost effectively harness the hugely dense, predictable, renewable energy that flows in the world’s ocean and river currents.

At Orbital we are working to enable a new industry for a sustainable future.

Latest Updates

Ongoing Optimisation Projects: Scaled Tank Testing

Calum Miller, Principal Engineer & Hydrodynamics Manager

Our R&D programme team leader describes how at Orbital we used scaled tank testing to identify and de-risk innovations capable of accelerating cost reductions for tidal stream energy.

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Our Head of Offshore Operations, Dan, shares his dedication to tackling climate change. Motivated by his kids' future, he welcomes the challenges that lie ahead.

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A 2030 tidal stream energy target

Oliver Wragg, Commercial Director

As a global leader in one of the few commercially viable but not yet commercialised renewable energy technologies, it does feel like it is time that the UK recognised the tremendous potential of tidal energy by setting a target for 2030 output production.

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