Generating clean power from flowing water

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Legs lift to the water surface for maintenance

How it works

Orbital’s unique floating platform is moored via anchors in powerful tidal stream or river currents. Underwater rotors capture the dense flowing energy.

Tidal Application

With a global capacity estimate of 100 gigawatts, tidal energy harvesting has the potential to power 80 million homes.

Full deployment of this resource would generate investment in equipment and services of over £300bn.

River application

Scaled down to capture power from river flow, our platform, can support off-grid demands from communities, households and electric vehicle charge points.


We are passionate about our technology, and about evolving it, so that we can reach more people, communities and business with lower cost clean energy.

That’s our goal and our vision.

The O2

The most powerful, technologically advanced tidal turbine in the world.

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The SR2000

The SR2000 was an industry break through and produced unrivalled performance whilst validating both the engineering and conceptual benefits of Orbital’s technology.

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