Key Information

key information renders2xO2 Statistics

  • O2 is capable of powering more than 1,700 UK homes per year
  • Two 1 MW turbines integrated into a single floating hull
  • O2 rated power of 2MW is achieved at a flow speed of 2.5m/s
  • Raised £7m in crowd funding debenture to support the build of the O2 turbine within 10 weeks (via London-based Abundance Investment platform)
  • O2 project awarded a £3.4m grant from the Scottish Government (August 2019) from the £10m Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund
  • Over 600sq metre rotor area largest ever on a tidal turbine to date


  • Build Yard: TEXO, Dundee
  • Flagged: Scotland
  • Home port: Kirkwall (EMEC)
  • Design Life: 25 years


  • Length O.A. (overall): 74.2m
  • Beam O.A. (width): 41.6m
  • Main tube beam O.A.: 3.8m
  • Draught (max operational): 26.3m
  • Draught (min towing): 2.1m
  • Total turbine displacement: 589 ton


  • Effective rotor diameter: 20m
  • Total swept area: 628.3 m2
  • Nameplate generation: 2 X 1MW
  • Maximum shaft power: 2.5MW
  • Power and brake control: Variable pitch
  • Export voltage: 11kV ac