Orbital O2 2MW

The Orbital O2 2MW commercial turbine is the culmination of over 15 years of cutting edge R&D and real-life testing of floating tidal turbines and features a number of new innovations, including up to 50 percent greater energy capture through enlarged rotors, variable pitch control for optimised blade and braking performance, full onsite access to all turbine systems through an improved structural configuration and refined design for low cost/high volume manufacturing.

The O2 represents the most advanced and most powerful tidal turbine in the world.

The development of the O2 was facilitated under the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme under the FloTEC project and brings together Orbital’s core supply chain and strategic partners to deliver a future-proofed product solution with a much reduced and financeable risk profile. More information on the FloTEC project can be found here.

O2 1

Orbital O2 2MW Generation Mode

Orbital O2 2MW Underwater View

Orbital O2 2MW Underwater View