The Concept

The unique challenges of tidal stream energy require an innovative solution to unlock the predictable renewable power from the orbital forces drawing Earth and its planetary neighbours together.

Orbital Marine Power’s radical technology enables the lowest cost form of tidal energy production through incorporating:

  • Unparalleled onsite accessibility to all major components and systems allowing low cost maintenance in parallel with ensuring high generator uptime. 
  • Turbine designs are optimised, simplified and modularised for low cost and high-volume manufacturing through existing supply chains.
  • No heavy or precision onsite construction activities with Orbital turbines being manufactured in safe, controlled onshore facilities, shipyards and at quaysides.
  • Offshore construction activities are familiar operations of installing moorings and cables with non-specialist, low cost vessels.
  • Whole turbines can be easily towed and installed onsite using only low-cost vessels.
  • Multiple turbines can be built into arrays exporting power down a single cable without the need for new underwater hub technology. 

Operational mode


Towing and maintenance mode