The Concept

Orbital Marine Power's Floating Tidal Technology couples a streamlined, low cost design incorporating proven technologies with simple installation and maintenance strategies.  


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Operation Mode

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Transport Mode

The most critical challenge in delivering low cost tidal technology is reducing manufacturing and installation costs whilst also enabling simple, quick and low cost maintenance strategies.

The shape and design of Orbital's technology has been developed to enable low cost fabrication and incorporates established well understood technologies with a simplified and cost effective installation and maintenance process.  This approach embodies key technical advantages over seabed mounted alternatives as it eliminates the need for the majority of high risk underwater operations and high cost vessels required for installation and maintenance.  Key features are:

Unique floating approach – twin turbines fixed to retractable legs which are mounted to a unique floating platform enabling the turbine to be positioned in the most energetic parts of the tidal stream.

Simplicity – simplified structure allows for low fabrication costs combined with modular assemblies for volume manufacture.

Scalability – The platform and blade configurations cater for sites and projects of differing characteristics and scale.

The company is in the processing of engineering an optimised commercial unit, the 2MW, “Orbital O2” turbine, which will adopt lessons learned from previous turbine developments while incorporating further innovations to reduce performance risk and the cost of energy going forwards into commercial projects.